Jett Plasma Lift

Jett Plasma Lift

Advantages of Jett Plasma Lift

laser de plasma -blefaroplastia no ablativa
Only one with direct current

laser de plasma -blefaroplastia no ablativa
8 adjustable intensities

laser de plasma -blefaroplastia no ablativa
Maximum precision

laser de plasma -blefaroplastia no ablativa

The effect on cell

Each cell has its membrane potential (electric potential difference between the two sides of the membrane). On the inner side of the cell membrane is the negative charge on the outer side is a positive charge. Skin aging leads to an uneven distribution of electric charge (potential) along the cell membrane and thus changes the membrane voltage. By passing direct current (DC) through the cells, changes it membrane potential and returns to equilibrium, increases the membrane voltage and it stretches. When this process occurs in the majority of skin cells in a certain area, retightening of the skin is then visible to the naked eye. By contrast, equipments that work with alternating current (AC) can not depolarize the membrane, because the alternating current does not pass through the cell membrane.


Using higher intensities , Jett Plasma Lift can destroy in a controlled manner cells of the epidermis , because at such intensities electric arc produced by the ionization of gases is able to sublimate the cells with which it comes in contact , but without affecting surrounding tissues. The electrical channel produced by the DC current is very accurate ( ø 1 mm) , so the treatment and destruction of cells is very accurate.

Versatile treatment

Multiple applications in aesthetic medicine : blepharoplasty , treatment of fine and deep wrinkles, scar correction , wart removal , pigmentation spots , fibroids, couperose , hemangioma , acne , facial and body lift , female genital rejuvenation, stretch mark removal , telangiectasia , tattoo and micropigmentations removal.

Safe and Accurate

Jett Plasma Lift uses latest technology plasma. Unlike other systems based on alternating current ( AC ), Jett Plasma Lift works with direct current ( DC ) and a much higher voltage , achieving a much more accurate beam ( Ø1mm , vs Ø4 mm ) , allowing us to work in a safer way for the patient.

Adjustable intensity - A single device

Thanks to 8 programmable user intensities , Jett Plasma Lift has multiple applications : - Intensities 1 to 5 : cosmetic treatments - retensioning skin , removing fine wrinkles , moisturizing and improvement of elasticity. - Intensities 6-8: for medical treatment - nonablative blepharoplasty , removal of warts, fibromas , scars, pigmentation , telangiectasia , etc.

Faster results

The cosmetic procedure has visible results immediately and is completely painless , with long-term effects after several sessions . Medical procedures at higher intensities produce a crust that protects the treated area , winning several days in healing respect other treatments.

Various types of heads

Cosmetic treatment




rejuvenecimiento con plasmalaser de plasma


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